What is Gladiator Challenge?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007 Article By Gladiator Challenge Staff

What is Gladiator Challenge?

“Simply the Best in live Mixed Martial Arts Competitions”

Gladiator Challenge ….. Pioneers in the sport of Mixed Marital Arts (MMA) competitions. Established in 1999, as one of the only legally ran full contact cage fighting promotions with-in the United States. In 2005, the Gladiator Challenge promotion teams took the lead in the industry, running more than 35 live events in one year.

It’s like no other sport you’ve ever seen! Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in America. Gladiator Challenge is one of the most exciting Events on the planet. Pitting one fighters martial arts style against another. Participants throw punches, kicks, elbows, knees, submissions & knock-outs! Today’s MMA fighter must be skilled in every aspect of the game to become “Simply the best in mixed martial arts”.

“Which fighting style would win in a real fight?” Gladiator Challenge sets the record straight once and for all. Pitting Gladiator against Gladiator in all styles of .. Boxing/Striking, Wrestling/Combat Grappling, Kickboxing/Muay Thai, and Karate/Kung Fu. Which style will reign supreme? Who will be left standing in the “Battle Cage”? Who will be crowned the next World Champion of Gladiator Challenge?

Gladiator Challenge continues to produce some of the biggest stars in the sport. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Joe Stevenson, Rashad Evans, Krazy Horse, Jason Lambert, Eric Pele & Uriah Faber are just a few of the BIG name fighters you will find that got their start in the Gladiator Challenge.

The Gladiator Challenge organization is recognized and regulated by the top State regulatory Athletic Commissions including Nevada, California & New Mexico. Gladiator Challenge strives to produce the highest quality live combat sports events in the business!

Tedd Williams, is the Co-founder of King of the Cage and the Executive Producer of the first 70 live KOTC Events. With the huge success producing the KOTC Brand, Tedd branched out and created his own MMA promotion Gladiator Challenge Inc.. Fighters could now earn their way up through the ranks and to the Pay-per view shows. The Gladiator Challenge A-Team (the industries most experienced staff) has been successfully producing Gladiator Challenge and King of the Cage shows for the past nine years.

Tedd Williams (Owner/founder) of Gladiator Challenge Inc. is a pioneer in the sport himself. Before promoting live Mixed Martial Arts events, Williams also competed in MMA. He has watched and helped develop the sport over the years. Tedd Williams brings to the sport an enormous amount of knowledge and experience. With Gladiator Challenge’s world wide acceptance it has to date promoted over 200 live events.

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