Interview With Urijah Faber

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 Article By GC Staff

You just defended your KotC Bantamweight Title on 12/11/05 against Krazy Horse. What are your comments on the fight?

I think it was a good fight. It was pretty one-sided. I expected that, but you never know until you get in with the guy. I didn't take any damage, so I was pretty happy with the fight.

Did you take his teeth?

He was taunting me with his bling when I was on top of him. I hit him with some pretty good elbows, so they must have been set in there pretty good. He said he was gonna knock the prettiness out of me, but I left with my prettiness intact.

Who do you want to fight?

I'd like a rematch with Tyson Griffin. He's a good opponent, but he didn't have me at 100%. I know he has trouble making 145 pounds, but hopefully he'll meet me in the middle. I'd also like to fight the rest of the guys in the world in the top 10 or 20. I want to go to Japan and travel the world - it's one of the great things about the sport. Europe, Japan, Brazil, I want to fight in Canada. I'm pretty much ready for whoever or whatever.

Are you thinking about moving up in weight?

I'd go up to fight Tyson Griffin because I want to avenge my loss. I walk around between 148 and 152, and I don't like to give up too much weight. I'd have to take some time off to put on the weight. I'm not opposed to the idea for the future, though.

What are your goals in this sport?

I'd like to establish myself as one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world, which I think I've started to do. I want to make some money and stay healthy.

Does the fight game pay your bills, or do you have another job?

It pays my bills. I train guys, I have sponsors, I fight pretty often. So yes, I fight full time.

Do you still coach college wrestling?

I stepped down as assistant coach, but I'm still a volunteer coach at UC Davis.

Where do you train?

Casio Werneck's for jujitsu, UC Davis for wrestling, and Dave Marinoble's for kickboxing.

Anyone coming out of there to look out for?

My main training partner out of Casio's - Dustin trains full time. He's been training for 5 years and just turned 18. I think he's going to be one of the toughest guys in the world soon. Jeremiah Jarvis, another coach out of UC Davis will be making his debut pretty soon.

How often do you train/what do you do?

I train 3x a day 4 days/week, wrestling, jujitsu, kickboxing. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I train once a day.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

I'd like to thank Skin Industries, nogi Industries,, King of the Cage and Gladiator Challenge for giving me these opportunities in the last couple years.





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